Friday, 15 June 2012


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Hai ladies!
Assalamualaikum :)

Mommies yg ade anak gegirl~
Ske x pakaikan headband utk ur baby?
I da jadi obses betui ngan headband neh
Kemane-mane sibuk jek  i nak menata rias Sufi ngan headband
Da jadi cam hobi baru plak
Skrg ni i mmg tgh gler kumpul headband
Kalu attend wedding je, kepala Sufi mmg xlengkap lah kalu xde headband
Meh nk tepek sekeping 2 gamba Sufi with headband

hai~ besar kan munge kat pale syaye? baru la glamor. heheh

mommy pon nk numpang tepek gamba gak.
hik3...cutenye abg ni~

another pic here.

Kegilaan i terhadap  headband baby ni boleh dikatekan di tahap gler kentang la.
So mommies kalu tau katne nk beli headband cantik2 kt area2 kl ni, gtau la i ek. 

p/s: Sufi,,last pic tu abah amek mase sufi tgh kusyuk tgk abg Raziq. hamboi3...berseri-serinye muke! keke :P

Monday, 11 June 2012


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hai peeps!! :)

ade sesape penah try supplement shaklee yg 3M tu x?
tlg bg review skek

i'm thinking of buying set 3M shaklee
nk start amek supplement la
reason pertama ialah sbb stok susu sufi mmg da abes licin 
so kene kumpulkan balik
takut2 ade emergency ke ape ke kan 
second reason ialah badan i ni da lemah longlai gemalai segala bagai lah
ase cam xbermaye je

tp set ni kan agak mahal jugak
jadi nk la dgr review org2 yg penah consume set ni dl 
nk tau berbaloi ke x
or should i buy any supplement with harga yg lebeh murah
any suggestion?

Friday, 1 June 2012


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The essentials

One for each hour you'll be out, plus a few extra – just in case.
You can stick ten or so in a plastic bag if you're not going out for long. Wipes are perfect not just for diaper changes, but also for sticky hands and dirty surfaces.
Hand sanitizerFor cleaning your hands after diaper changes when there's no time or place to wash them.
Changing pad
Many diaper bags come with a reusable changing pad, or you can buy one separately. Some parents like the disposable ones for traveling. A hand towel from home will also do.
Plastic or biodegradable bagsFor storing soiled diapers, clothes, and baby blankets. Just make sure your child can't get to them, since plastic bags (including the biodegradable versions) pose a suffocation risk.
Bottle(s) of formula or expressed breast milk if you're bottle-feeding
Snacks (for older babies and toddlers)Depending on the age of your child, this could include a jar of baby food and a spoon, or finger foods. Bring a few bibs as well.
Sippy cup of milk, water, or juice (for toddlers)
You can use it to cover your baby or as a changing pad, nursing cover, bib, shade, or burp cloth.
Extra clothes for your childYou never know when spit-up, drool, spills, or poop explosions will necessitate a change of clothing.
Pacifier (if your child uses one) or other comfort item
Sunscreen or a hat to protect your child from the sun
Emergency informationMake sure you have the phone numbers of your family's doctors programmed in your cell phone and health insurance cards in your wallet. You may also want to fill out this emergency contacts worksheet and take a copy with you. 

The extras

Diaper rash creamSample sizes often work well and take up less space.
Nail clippersYou never know when your little one will doze off and give you the perfect opportunity to clip those tiny nails.
Moments worthy of capturing can happen anywhere!
Nursing coverFor breastfeeding in public, these fabric drapes cover your chest and give more privacy than the basic blanket-over-the-shoulder approach.
Breast pads for nursing momsSlip these in your bra to absorb breast milk leaks.
Sling or wrap for carrying your babyEven if you're heading out with a stroller, you may prefer to park it and transfer your baby to a hands-free carrier if you're headed someplace crowded.
Toys, board books, and crayons and coloring pages or paperChoose toys based on your outing and your child's age. A toddler going to a restaurant often requires a lot of entertaining distractions, while a 4-month-old may be happy with one rattle.
First-aid kitYou may want to include adhesive bandage strips, antibiotic cream, pain reliever, and other first-aid supplies.

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