Hi mommies!

Breastfeeding itu...mencabar kan?
There were a few times that i felt like giving up...
Rasa da xmampu lg nk go on with this breastfeeding thing
Most of the time rase nk give up ni dtg ble sufi nk nursing all the time, i mean non-stop nursing from day to night..cume stop kalau sufi tertido and itupon xlame mane
And satu lagi bile pam susu, susu yg kuar xbnyk mane pon 

Mulela i doubt myself

Is sufi getting milk? Is sufi getting enough?  Why is sufi nursing all the time?

I was so depressed with the thought that i am not producing enough milk for sufi 
So i began surfing the internet
Mule mengkaji why sufi asik nk nursing all the time
Join group2 yg support penyusuan susu ibu
And Alhamdulillah
I think i begin to understand sufi 
I chose to believe yang sufi bukan nursing all the time sbb susu xckp
Tp sbb breastfeeding tu is her comfort zone; a security blanket.

Newborns may also cry because of heat and cold, noise and unfamiliar smells, and sometimes, aches in their tummies. And the only thing that will comfort them is suckling from their Mom. 
source: betterparenting

So mommies..
Do what you feel is best for your child.
And try to ignore any criticism from others.


  1. yes bebeh masih bertahan dengan BF..i love BF my baby...kita pun senang dia pun kenyang...dont stress..keep positive mind..

    1. i harap semangat i kuat smpai 2 tahun~ he

  2. bagus juga info sue ni pd mia :-) hrp sgt mia dpt breastfeeding anak sulung nie mcm ibu mia

    1. :) suen wat mane yang mampu je mia. he


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