Hi mommies! :D

Happy mothers day! 
Biase blh wish kt mak je. 
Thn ni i da boleh wish kt diri sendiri. 

So, a special msg utk diri sendiri n to my dearest mak.

To Me, Myself & I:

Happy Mothers Day.
This is your first year of celebrating mothers day.
So congratulations!
You r now the happiest woman alive.
Now u r a mother, please take care of Sufi memolek. 
Remember to treat sufi like she is the queen of the earth until she is six years old. 
Also jgn ngelat2 nk lupe your AZAM MOMMY BARU

To Dearest Mak:

Happy Mothers Day!
U r truely an awesome supermak!
Love u always!


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